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Project Description
Hermes is an open source (i.e. free) Windows sidebar gadget that displays a scrolling list of items from an editable list of RSS, RDF and Atom feeds.

  • Resizable ticker tape or vertical scrolling and auto scroll rate.
  • Options for right to left layout, changing fonts, colors, background image, size, etc.
  • Multiple rules for filtering items: Read-by date, Age, Top X, Keep duration, Cross feed compare, Sort, Date & time zone format.
  • Preserves read & deleted state of items, now even after reboots.
  • Mouse keys for scrolling, deleting items, feeds, or read marks.
  • Item categories & folders for managing feeds.
  • Regex filters for including or excluding items based on content.
  • Page monitoring: track website page changes as-if via a feed.
  • Alerts: trigger email, flyout, or sound upon news event.
  • Importing or exporting settings, feeds, via XML & FeedsManager.
  • Keyword search options.
  • Option to use proxy server.

Created by Christian Westman.
Changes by Darren Whobrey.

We hope you like it :)

For change details see Change Log via link in Help.

Windows 8 & 10 support

Hermes runs under W8 & W10 when the sidebar is reinstated,
for example, using 8GadgetPack from by Helmut Buhler.

To view Links and the manual, you will need to set the default browser to IE or other via:
Control Panel/Programs/Default Programs/Set Default Programs/ or
Control Panel/Programs/Default Programs/Set Associations/.html & .htm.

Important Note
To add feeds, cross domain data access needs to be enabled via:
Control Panel/Network and Internet/Internet Options/Security/Custom Level/Miscellaneous/Access data sources across domains.
I would recommend setting it to Prompt rather than Enable, although that means every time the Sidebar starts you'll be prompted to grant access for each feed that needs it. A bit irritating. Alternatively, you could enable the option, then use Firefox or similar for general browsing in safety, since it uses it's own security settings.

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