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Hermes is installed simply by downloading and double-clicking.

HOWEVER, before double-clicking, it needs to be unblocked since it's a zip file.
So, right-click on the file and select propteries, then tick unblock.
If you don't unblock it you'll see UAC popups when Hermes tries to save
settings and the cache.

Double clicking should trigger the sidebar manager which then installs it.

  • Adding a feed
From the Options/Feeds tab, press the “add feed” button. A category must be selected first via the drop down list next to the “Current feeds:” text (which is a bit misleading), otherwise the feed won’t be added. Then either paste or enter the feed url and click ok.
  • Feed not showing
The feed and its category must both be enabled (by ticking check box on left of row) for the feed to be displayed.
  • Clicking rows reveals more options
Clicking on a feed row in the Feeds tab or a category row in the Cats tab reveals more options specific to that feed or category.

Please see the Help page for further information on using the gadget.

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